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We help you to unlock your iPhone 7, 6S, 6 (plus), SE, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4... which locked to O2 UK carrier. Our services are fastest in the market from 2007

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When you purchase an O2 iPhone, it is set with a Network lock entered by the O2. The locks ensure that the iPhone could only be used with O2's Sim cards. IMEI based Unlocking Method will remove O2's SIM-Lock status from your iPhone, and you can feel free to use your iPhone with compatible Sim cards from other networks.

What we do is whitelisting your IMEI number from O2 carrier database as well as Apple databases. Once the iPhone is unlocked, you will only need to insert the new SIM card and it'll be unlocked automatically (iPhone must be connecting to a Wifi network), or just simply connect the iPhone to iTunes and the message "Congratulations! Your iPhone has been unlocked" will appear

If you are finding a solution to Unlock your O2 iPhone, ExpressUnlock.Com is the best choice for you. We support all iPhone models from oldest to newest, such as iPhone 7 and 7+, iPhone 6S and 6S+, iPhone 6/6+, iPhone SE, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and even iPhone 3GS

We accept PayPal, the most secure payment method in the world (please note that scammers can't offer PayPal)

ExpressUnlock alway offers the cheapest and fastest service to unlock smartphones in the market. We have been unlocking thousands of iPhones and received good comments from customers. We unlock in minutes at the cheapest price and offer 100% money back guarantee if your device is not unlocked.

Unlock iPhone O2 UK

Not only iPhone, we also offer unlocking services for other smartphone brands like BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Samsung... That is the reason why we become one of top service providers.

A little About O2 UK Carrier

The BT Cellnet consumer brand was renamed O2 – the chemical symbol for unbound oxygen – as were all the group's other businesses (other than Manx Telecom). The re-branding was engineered by the Lambie-Nairn design agency, which developed the idea of the company supplying services that were essential, much the same as oxygen is essential for life. With this, the company logo and associated graphics were designed, using air bubbles to present this. The O2 bubbles were photographed by London-based photographer Jonathan Knowles. (Read more)

How to unlock an iPhone from O2 UK?

Step 1: Make sure that your iPhone carrier is O2 UK. If not, check your iPhone carrier / network here

Step 2: Next, visit ExpressUnlock.com, select the “Unlock iPhone” at the drop-down menu, and click on “Unlock O2 iPhone” under UK segment.

Step 3: In the Unlock iPhone page, insert your IMEI number (dial *#06# from your phone app to get IMEI number, in case the iPhone isn't actived yet, tap the little "i" button on the first activation screen), select your iPhone model and hit the "Unlock it" button

Step 4: You will be taken to a checkout page. Here you enter your billing information, which includes email address and billing address (we accept the payment via PayPal).

Step 6: Wait for one to a few days, as soon as the unlock completed, an email will be sent to you. Once you receive the email, just follow the simple instructions to complete unlocking your iPhone from O2

UnlockZoom supports PayPal

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