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Check Samsung Carrier, Warranty, Purchase date, Production date... by IMEI before buying a Samsung Phone or buying Unlock Code

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If you don't know or not sure about your Samsung Phone Carrier, you should use this service before buying an Unlock Code for Samsung. By using this service, we'll give you full information about your Samsung Phone such as: Carrier/Network, Serial Number, Model Number, Model Name, Model Description, Warranty Status, Purchase Date, Production Date, Manufacturer, Sold By, Ship To... Everything you have to do is simply entering your Samsung IMEI number (Dialing *#06# to get your IMEI)

Below is an example result

IMEI Number: 357821028xxxx2
Serial Number: E5712xxxxxE
Un Number: XXXX
Model Number: XXXX
Model Name: SM-XXXX
Model Desc: Galaxy S7
Warranty Status: In Warranty
Purchase Date: 05.06.2016
Production Date: 03.28.2016
Manufacturer: Samsung Vietnam
Carrier: U.s.a AT&T
Sold By: United States / 03 April 2015
Ship To: United States / 06 April 2015

By knowing and choosing exactly your carrier to buy Unlock Code, you'll save your money instead of paying for "Unlock any Samsung" service which is more expensive, but if your Carrier isn't listed in our Samsung Unlocking page, you have to use that service then.

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