iPhone Carrier and SIM-Lock status Check by IMEI

Premium iPhone IMEI checking service will let you know your iPhone carrier and SIM-Lock status

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This is NOT an unlocking service and it won't unlock your iPhone. It'll just help you to know what carrier that your iPhone is locked to!

(For simple iPhone information check, you can use our Free iPhone IMEI Checker)

It's very important to check iPhone carrier, SIM-Lock status before buying an iPhone online or especially before unlocking it. For iPhones, it's totally different for each carrier unlocking process. And not only us but also any other provider won't refund in case you place order with wrong carrier! So if you're going to buy an iPhone or decide to unlock your iPhone, you have to check your iPhone carrier and SIM-Lock status first.

Some customers asked us why our iPhone Carrier/SIM-Lock checking service is not FREE and takes time while there're some other websites offer free checking tool (?!?). It's because we manually check your iPhone IMEI number from Apple GSX Database (Official), and it's not free and can't be instant! We can make sure that other checking tools, especially free ones, are NOT officially from Apple Database  and it won't give you an exact result but we do, our results are 100% exact and guaranteed as they came from Apple Official Database!

Check iPhone Carrier and SIM-Lock status

Below is an example of iPhone Carrier / SIM-Lock checking result

IMEI Number: 35921507136XXXX
Part Description: iPhone 7 Plus Product Version: 10.2.1
Initial Activation Policy ID:
Initial Activation Policy Details: US T-Mobile Locked Activation Policy
Applied Activation PolicyID: 2136
Applied Activation Details: US T-Mobile Locked Activation Policy
Next Tether Policy ID: 2136
iPhone carrier/network: US T-Mobile Locked Activation Policy
First Unbrick Date: 01/11/16
Unlock Date: Unbricked: false
SIM-Lock status: Locked

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