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Doing a Phone Unlock Legally from Virgin Mobile UK

Unlocking your phone used to be illegal, but it no longer is as long as you choose the right method. Using spurious third-party software could damage your device, and messing around with the hardware could void the warranty. The only real and legal option is to do an IMEI unlock or IMEI whitelisting.

What is IMEI Whitelisting?

IMEI is the unique identifier code for your device. This is the number used by carriers like Virgin Mobile UK to "lock" your phone for the duration of the contract so you don't use it with a SIM from another provider. IMEI whitelisting is what the carrier does when your contract period is over. It "frees" your phone so you can use any other SIM. Doing an IMEI unlock means applying the unlock code before your contract ends.

Why Unlock from Virgin Mobile UK before the End of Contract?

You might be planning to travel overseas and you're dreading facing a fat bill from Virgin Mobile UK when you get back. Roaming charges can be ridiculously high, and you don't want that kind of unpleasant shock on your return. An IMEI unlock will let you use a different (local) SIM during your travel, and use the primary one from Virgin Mobile UK after you're back. In fact, you can use any other SIM from any other network once your phone has been unlocked from the carrier. Savings is the obvious benefit here, but even poor reception in your area could be driving you bonkers. If that's the case, an unlock will give you the chance to try other networks' SIMs to see which one offers the best coverage in your locality.

Is It Safe to Unlock My Phone from Virgin Mobile UK?

Yes, absolutely, but only if you do an IMEI whitelisting from an authentic service provider like UnlockZoom. Many other providers advertise high success rates, but we're the only ones that can do it on practically any carrier in the United Kingdom, including Virgin Mobile UK. DO NOT bother with sites that offer free unlock codes or do it for cheap. They'll most likely use some dodgy software utility to unlock your phone, but when you try using another SIM it can get permanently blacklisted by Virgin Mobile or the other carrier. You definitely don't want that. In other cases such as hardware tweaks, it may void your warranty. The only way you should consider is an official IMEI unlock. It could take a few days, but at least you're not at risk of losing your warranty or getting your device permanently blacklisted. Shortly after you pre-order your Virgin Mobile UK unlock for your device, you will receive an email with the unlock code and instructions to activate it on your phone. Follow the process and your device will be free forever.

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iPhone / iPad on Virgin Mobile UK

iPhone / iPad on Virgin Mobile UK

Legitimate unlocking (IMEI whitelisting) services for iPhone and iPad users of Virgin Mobile UK mobile network