Unlock any Sony Xperia Phone using Factory Unlock Code

Unlike other providers, we support all Sony Xperia Phones (Even old Sony Ericsson ones)!

Everything you have to do is giving us your IMEI number (dialing *#06# to get your IMEI) then click "Unlock now!"

* Important * For Sony Phones, if you or someone else tried to enter "Invalid Unlock Code" multiple times, then the Phone will be "Counter Locked" which means it's impossible to unlock by Code anymore! To check this first, please scroll down to see the tutorial below! Please note that we won't refund if your Phone is "Counter Locked"

Price: ONLY $26.99 (All Sony phones are supported)

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Unlock Sony Xperia Phone by Code

How to check Sony Counter Lock before buying Unlock Code?

Please read and follow this carefully to make sure that your Phone is Clean before buying an Unlock Code! If youf Sony Xperia Phone is not Clean (Counter Locked), then the Unlock Code will NOT work and we won't accept a refund for that case!

Step 1: Power Off your Sony Xperia and remove SIM card from your phone, then turn it on!

Step 2: Open Dialer and enter *#*#7378423#*#*. A menu will appear, now select SERVICE INFO => SIM LOCK

Step 3 (Check the example image):

  • Check the "[X]", if the "[X]" is on "Network" and the value is a number greater than 0 but less than 255, then it means your phone is Clean and it's okay to unlock by Code
  • If the phone doesn't show any "[X]" or the value of "[X]" is 0 or 255 or Unlimited, it means your Phone is "Counter Locked" and it's impossible to unlock using Unlock Code
Example of result which is OK to Unlock

Why choosing UnlockZoom to unlock your Sony Xperia Phone?

Simple steps to unlock a phone

Simple steps

Can't be simplier with UnlockZoom, everything we need is just your IMEI number

Unlock iPhone with cheap price

Cheap price

We're the direct source for Sony Unlocking, we offer cheapest price to our customers

Fastest phone unlocking service

Fast unlock

Our system works automatically to deliver the Unlock Code as fast as possible!

How does it work? (Unlocking your Sony Xperia Phone)

Sony Xperia phones are the most loved smartphones in the market nowaday because of its design and performance as well as some awesome features such as water resist or Bravia screen! You can buy an Xperia phone for a cheap price with a carrier contract in 1 or 2 years. But the restriction is you won't be able to use the phone with other carriers. Especially if you want to travel somewhere out of the country, it'll be a nightmate!

So we're here for helps! The good news is we can unlock All Sony Xperia phones no matter what the network is or where the phone came from! All we need is only the IMEI number (you can find it by dialing *#06# or look at the box of the phone). Just send your Xperia IMEI number and we'll send you the "Unlock Code" within a few days. Then just simply enter the Unlock Code following our instruction including in the email then the phone is SIM-Unlocked!

You don't have to worry about losing the unlock after re-installing the OS because the Unlock Code is static, it won't change in the whole lifetime of the phone. So you can re-enter the Unlock Code anytime!

Unlock any Sony Xperia by Code

List of newest Sony Xperia Phones that we also support

This is just an example list. If you don't see your phone model is listed, don't worry because we can unlock all Sony models
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