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Unlock My Phone on Contract with O2 UK

If you're wondering whether unlocking is still illegal, then don't. It has been legal for some time now. However, that depends on the way in which you unlock your phone on a carrier like O2 UK. Some methods are still unethical and can permanently blacklist your device. We recommend that you only do a legal and carrier-compliant IMEI lock for any iOS or Android device that's currently on a contract.

Why IMEI Unlock - a.k.a. IMEI Whitelisting?

This is the official unlock method that carriers like O2 UK use when your contract period is over and you've paid all your dues. Once your device IMEI is whitelisted, you may continue to use the same SIM or choose to move to another carrier. If you want to unlock your phone before the contract has ended, then IMEI whitelisting is the only legal way to do it.

How Does IMEI Whitelisting Work?

An authorized agent such as UnlockZoom will take a pre-order to unlock your device from O2 UK. In a few days (often as short as 24 hours but could be longer depending on various factors), you will receive an email notification with an official unlock code and instructions to unlock your phone or tablet from O2 UK's network. Use the code to activate the unlock, and you can then use any SIM from any other provider with no problem whatsoever.

Why Unlock My iPhone or Android Smartphone from O2 UK?

If you're a frequent traveler or going overseas for any amount of time, you'll know that roaming charges can often be exorbitant. If your phone is locked to O2 UK or any other UK mobile network provider, it's going to dent your wallet in a big way even if you are extremely conservative with making calls and sending text messages (SMSes). For that reason, unlocking your phone from the carrier is the recommended option. That way, you can simply use a local SIM wherever you are going. Any international calls you make to someone in your home country are typically cheaper than doing it on a roaming-activated device.

Can I try Other Unlocking Methods?

We do not recommend any other unlocking method because it may involve spurious software or hardware changes. That means you could get your device permanently blacklisted by O2 UK and even other carriers, rendering the device completely useless. In certain other cases, your warranty may be voided if there are any hardware changes made. For these reasons, only consider a legal and legitimate provider of IMEI whitelisting services, such as UnlockZoom.

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iPhone / iPad on O2 UK

iPhone / iPad on O2 UK

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