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Everything you have to do is giving us your IMEI number (dialing *#06# to get your IMEI) then click "Unlock now!"

Timeframe is 1-60 minutes (typically 10 minutes)

UnlockZoom supports PayPal
Unlock LG Phone by Code

Why choosing UnlockZoom to unlock your LG Phone?

Simple steps to unlock a phone

Simple steps

Can't be simplier with ExpressUnlock, everything we need is just your IMEI number

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How to unlock my LG phone?

No need to worry if you want to use your LG phone (SIM-Locked) with another carrier or you want to use while traveling in other country. Because we offer the best service helping you to Permanently Unlock your LG Phone

Unlike other unlocking service for other manufacturers, our LG Unlocking Service works instantly and automatically. Once you submitted your order, the unlock code will be sent to your email in 1-60 minutes. Then just simply following the instruction in the email to enter the Unlock Code to your LG phone.

You don't have to worry about losing your money, we're the best company in this market from 2007 and we've been unlocking thousands of LG phones just like yours. In case if the Unlock Code doesn't work anyway, we offer 100% money back according to our Terms of Service.

Please note that this is the Official-Factory Unlock Code and your phone will never been re-locked in the future. If you re-install the OS and lose your unlock, just simply re-enter the unlock code, it will always work!

List of newest LG Phones that we also support

This is just an example list. If you don't see your phone model is listed, don't worry because we can unlock all LG models
Unlock Any LG Phone
Any LG Phone
Unlock LG B470
LG B470
Unlock LG V20
LG V20
Unlock LG V10
LG V10
Unlock LG G6
Unlock LG G5
Unlock LG G4
Unlock LG G3
Unlock LG Stylo 3
LG Stylo 3
Unlock LG Stylo™ 2 Plus
LG Stylo™ 2 Plus
Unlock LG X power ™
LG X power ™
Unlock LG K10
LG K10
Unlock LG K7 ™
LG K7 ™
Unlock LG Aristo
LG Aristo
Unlock LG Tribute
LG Tribute