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Three UK is one of the Top 5 mobile networks in the United Kingdom. Their postpaid smartphone plans are some of the best, but have one thing in common with all other carriers: they lock you into a contract. What happens when you want to travel overseas? Unfortunately, unless you unlock your phone from Three UK, you'll be stuck with exorbitant roaming fees and charges. That's why unlocking your device from the carrier is a better option.

Is Unlocking from Three UK Legal?

The answer is yes and no. No if you're going to use some dodgy software or hardware method to unlock the device; yes if you do it the right way, which is to get an official IMEI unlock. Every device comes with a unique identifier called an IMEI. When you're on contract with Three UK or any other mobile network provider, your IMEI is locked to that network. When the contract's done and dusted, they "release" your phone and then you can choose what SIM to use. But an IMEI unlock can also be done before your contract ends. It allows you to freely use the device with any other SIM, and it is completely legal.

The Only Way to Unlock your Device Legally from Three UK

Even though it's legal, you have to be wary of scam sites that are out to get your money. Most of them simply take your money and then send you a note after two weeks that your device cannot be unlocked. Some do a partial refund but most don't bother. Some sites, however, are authorized to take pre-orders for unlocking devices from Three UK and all other UK networks like BT Mobile, Vodafone, O2, etc. It's sites like UnlockZoom that you want to go to as the first choice because it offers device-specific unlock facilities across all the top UK carriers.

About IMEI Whitelisting

This legal unlock method for smartphones and 3G/4G tablets takes a while because your device's activation status needs to be modified at the carrier's end. Whitelisting can only be done through authentic sites like UnlockZoom, or from the carrier itself. However, the second option is usually very expensive since the carrier will want you to continue for the duration of the contract. With UnlockZoom, the process is much cheaper and faster as well. In just a couple of days your unique unlock code will be generated and sent to your email ID. Instructions will be provided about how to use the unlock code to free your device permanently from the network.

Where Can I Get it Done?

It's a purely online process so no fussing about with your car keys to take your phone to the store. Just pre-order the unlock after providing your IMEI and phone model/carrier details (in this case, Three UK), and UnlockZoom will start working on it immediately. Once it's ready, the unlock code and instructions will reach you via the email address you provide.

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iPhone / iPad on Three UK

iPhone / iPad on Three UK

Legitimate unlocking (IMEI whitelisting) services for users of Three UK mobile network