How to Unlock Any iPhone Model Including iPhone X
Author: Shudeep
June 11, 2018

How to Unlock Any iPhone Model Including iPhone X

IMEI and other unlock methods for any iPhone model for any carrier in the UK, Canada and United States


Apple iPhone is the most desired flagship phone out there. Every year, Apple launches new iPhone models, with a lot of changes and features. Last year, the Cupertino company unveiled the iPhone X to celebrate the 10th birthday of its mighty iPhone. The iPhone X is a big gamble from Apple to take on other rivals on the market.

The iPhone X marks the biggest design change Apple has ever made on an iPhone, with the removal of the home button and adoption of a curved OLED panel. With those premium components, the iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone model ever released to the public. The device carries a staggering $999 price tag.

Purchasing a newly-launched iPhone costs you a fortune. With that in mind, most carriers out there subsidize the price of new iPhone models in exchange for a 24 or 30-month contract. That’s why you can get a new iPhone model at a very affordable cost.

However, keep in mind that phones sold by carriers are often locked to a single network. That means that you cannot switch to a different network. If you head overseas, your phone will not work with a local SIM card unless you are willing to pay a bundle in roaming costs. To remove those restrictions, you will need an IMEI unlock.

Two years ago, I grabbed an iPhone 6s Plus from a local retail store and I signed up for Sprint. I paid $23 per month for a 24-month contract. And, I paid nearly $200 for mobile data during my trip to Thailand. Last year, I purchased an iPhone X that was locked to the AT&T network and I started looking for steps on how to unlock my shiny phone. So, I would not waste my money on international roaming fees. After hours of search, I finally found a trusted unlock provider called UnlockZoom.

In the section below, I am going to tell you the story of how I unlocked my AT&T-locked iPhone X. Before proceeding, note that the provider below is capable of unlocking all iPhone models.

1. Why is your phone locked?

Most carriers out there are now offering iPhone models for affordable costs. However, to get an entry-level iPhone X for only $24 per month, you need to sign up for a two-year contract. This contract prevents you from taking your phone to a competitor’s network. It also ensures that you meet the terms until the time expires.

Locking the iPhone to a network may save you some cash. But, your device tends to get more expensive over time as you will need to pay additional fees during your contract period. If you head overseas, your phone is nothing but a useless brick.

2. Why will you want to unlock your device?

Most iPhone models are built to work in multiple countries. However, carriers are still imposing a lot of restrictions on their phones to prevent them from working on a different network. Once unlocked, your iPhone can connect to any network. This enables you to switch between carriers worldwide. In other words, with an unlocked phone, you say goodbye to some crazy international roaming fees.

Unlocking an iPhone is not as simple as it was before as. Taking a wrong turn can put your iPhone on the blacklist. Unlocking requires some hard work from an IMEI unlock provider. However, choosing a trusted unlock provider is not easy, as there are a lot of scams out there.

3. Why is IMEI unlock the best unlock method?

IMEI unlock is the only unlock method I highly recommend to you because it is safe and fast. All it takes is an IMEI number derived from your device. Basically, IMEI unlocking is where someone changes the status of your phone from locked to unlocked on Apple’s database (no physical work to do)

So, you may be wondering what IMEI number is and how you can get it. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity and is a unique 15-digit serial number given to every mobile device. IMEI number is used to identify your iPhone (all the information about your phone including warranty, date of production, activation lock, etc.).

IMEI unlocking is not the only unlock method out there, as there’s also software unlocking and hardware unlocking. However, software unlocking no longer works on modern iPhone devices, while hardware unlocking can ruin your shiny iPhone.

There are lots of IMEI unlock providers that are willing to unlock all iPhone models at very cheap rates. However, I realized that there are a lot of scams out there. If your iPhone is blacklisted by one of these guys, you might never be able to unlock your device.

4. How to unlock any iPhone model with UnlockZoom

UnlockZoom is the leading IMEI unlock provider out there as they do what they are paid to do. At, they offer unlock services for all iPhone models ranging from iPhone 4s to iPhone X. The process is pretty simple, as all you need to do is to head over to this link, select your carrier and provide your IMEI number. After that, complete your payment and wait for the result.

  • They unlock very quickly. For my iPhone X, I had to wait about two days. Obviously, I was a little bit nervous because I had already paid for the unlock, but nothing happened. Two days later, I received an email, informing that the unlock was complete and my phone was free.

  • At UnlockZoom, their unlock prices are unbeatable. Pricing varies depending on the model you wish to unlock, but it often starts at $19, which is cheaper than other services out there.

  • UnlockZoom offers the best customer support. I contacted them twice, and they responded to my emails very quickly.

UnlockZoom is my number one recommendation when it comes to unlocking an iPhone model. What sets them apart from other rivals out there lies in their customer support and cheaper prices. UnlockZoom receives 9.5 out of 10 on, which means that they are not scams.


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