How to Unlock Any Android Phone from Any UK Carrier the Right Way
Author: Shudeep
June 11, 2018

How to Unlock Any Android Phone from Any UK Carrier the Right Way

IMEI and other unlock methods for any Android device currently on a plan with any carrier in the UK, Canada and United States


Android is insanely popular out there. Google’s mobile operating system now powers hundreds of millions of phones on the market. Every year, there is a barrage of smartphones released to the market, with a lot of exciting offerings, like a much-improved camera, greater battery life, faster processor, and handy features. However, high-end phones are not cheap out there, as they can set you back around $900.

Purchasing a carrier-locked phone serves as a better choice for those with a limited budget. In reality, most carriers out there are now offering different payment plans for phones. AT&T is now charging $24 per month for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, while Verizon is now selling the device for $38 per month.

A locked phone can only be used on the network that locked it. This means you cannot insert a Verizon SIM card into your AT&T-locked phone and expect it works. That’s why you need an unlock. Most smartphones can be unlocked, but you cannot do it on your own as carriers are making unlocking smartphones pretty difficult. Unlocking requires help from an unlock provider. However, choosing a trusted provider is not easy as there are a lot of scams to take your money.

There are three major methods to unlock an Android phone. Some phones can be unlocked by using some kind of software, while others require some physical work. However, IMEI unlock is the only method that works for you. IMEI unlock makes the unlock process less painful. However, that does not mean it’s easy to do.

Now, let’s dive into how to unlock an Android phone and break free of the chains that your carrier wraps you up in.

1. First, what is a locked phone?

Most carriers worldwide now lower the price of phones in exchange for a 24 or 30-month contract. Last year, I grabbed a Galaxy S8 from Verizon’s retail store. As a traveler, I was wondering if my phone would work overseas. The minute I landed at Charles De Gaulle airport, I did not get a 4G signal.

During my trip to Paris, I paid around $80 for international roaming fees. I contacted Verizon, then requested an unlock, but I realized that my phone was not eligible for the unlock. However, two months later, I found a trusted IMEI unlock provider, called UnlockZoom. I placed my order, and it worked like a charm. My phone is now free to use with any carrier.

2. So, why would you need to unlock your phone?

Back in the old days, unlocking was forbidden in some countries. Fortunately, we no longer live in those days. It is now legal to unlock your smartphone. Unlocking brings certain benefits to you, including the option to switch between providers.

An unlocked phone gives the freedom to use your device anywhere in the world. That means that you can get a local carrier’s SIM card and use their services while you are traveling overseas. However, unlocking is not easy to do as it takes some steps.

3. Methods of unlocking

There are three major methods for unlocking your Android phone on the market. However, not all of them work for you as some may ruin your shiny device.

  • Software Unlocking (no longer works on modern devices)

Software unlocking is an old unlock method on the market. Back in the glory days, software unlocking was the top choice when it comes to unlocking a phone. However, software unlocking no longer works on modern devices.

Software unlocking is where someone is trying to modify your phone’s software to break free of your ties to a carrier. But, carriers out there keep tightening their grip on their phones, which prevents software unlocking from working correctly.

  • Hardware Unlocking (dangerous and invalidate your warranty)

Hardware unlocking is a brute force method that may ruin your device. Basically, it is where someone cracks open your phone to make it free. Hardware unlocking is dangerous, as it may void your warranty. This is the method I don’t recommend to you.

  • IMEI unlocking (reliable and fast)

IMEI unlocking is the only unlock method I recommend to you. IMEI unlocking is fast and reliable, and most importantly won’t invalidate your warranty or ruin your device. IMEI unlocking only requires IMEI number of your device (no physical work to do and no additional software to download).

IMEI number is a unique number given to every mobile device. It is used to identify your phone, helping it differentiate itself from others. IMEI number is stored in a centralized database and allows you to check if a phone is carrier-locked.

To get IMEI number of an Android phone, you simply need to open the Phone app on your phone, and then *#06#. Once you do that, you should see a 15-digit serial number.

4. How to unlock all Android phones

There are a ton of IMEI unlock providers out there that can do it very cheap. However, some of them are just scam artists. Falling for such guys, you will end up losing your money and time. And, your phone will get re-locked in the future.

If you are struggling to find a reliable provider, willing to unlock your phone at cheap rates, then I recommend you give UnlockZoom a try.

  • UnlockZoom is one of the leading unlock providers out there. They have been working in the industry for a long time and have unlocked thousands of phones. One of the highlights of UnlockZoom lies in their customer support. I emailed them three times and their responses were never more than one hour.

  • At, their prices are much cheaper than other rivals out there. Pricing varies depending on the phone model you wish to unlock. For my Samsung Galaxy S8, I paid around $25 for the unlock.

  • Another thing I love about UnlockZoom is that they unlock very quickly. I headed over to this link, selected the phone brand, and picked my carrier. After that, I provided my IMEI number and completed my payment. Three days later, I got the unlock code from UnlockZoom.

  • At UnlockZoom, they offer a refund policy for all unlock services. That means that you can request a refund if the unlock is not complete.

UnlockZoom is my number one recommendation when it unlocking a phone as they are quick, cheap, and safe.


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